Environmental Resources Management

I would like to confirm my strong recommendation for the Branch of ACE Consultants Ltd. in Azerbaijan Republic (shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) as one of the prime experts which professionally covers a wide range of services in the field of legal consulting.

The Company was requested to draft a regulatory register which would set out the regulatory requirements relating to chemicals and substances for sites operating in Azerbaijan. We would like to express our appreciation of the quality of services the Company rendered.

The requested register was prepared and submitted within the agreed timelines and was fully compliant with our requirements.

Summarizing indicated above I would like to state that we, for sure, will continue our cooperation within the framework of the projects relating to Azerbaijan.

Carolyn Hammer
Senior Consultant



We have been working with the “ACE Group Consultants” LLC since September, 2013. The Company successful1y performed all assigned tasks taking into account the peculiarities of our enterprise, including contract revision and drafting, legal audit of company documentation and etc.

Since January, 2014 we have been cooperating with the Company in the framework of the project on External Producer Responsibility launched by “Tamiz Shahar”  JSC.

In the course of our collaboration “ACE Group Consultants” LLC has developed a solid reputation as a professional, reliable and efficient company as a result of highly-qualified work performed by its experienced experts. The staff of the Company illustrates their attention to detail and concern for quality. We have been very pleased with the result and the professional level of service offered by the Company.

Having regard to abovementioned I'm happy to recommend them to anyone seeking business legal counsel and look forward to working with them again.

Chingiz Orujov Director


Tamiz Shahar

“ACE Group Consultants” LLC has executed the services for the “Tamiz Shahar” JSC under the “Extended Producer Responsibility” Project in the period from September 2013 and March 2014. The project has been successfully completed.

The tasks performed  included, inter alia, investigating different EPR schemes and approaches in the EU, especially in Eastern Europe, and CIS countries, studying current situation and providing proposals on optimal and best applicable EPR scheme in Azerbaijan.

“ACE Group Consultants” LLC has performed the tasks to our satisfaction, respecting the applicable regulations and standards. The capability of “ACE Group Consultants” LLC is of sufficient high level to fulfil the assignments.

Zakir Ibrahimov,
Chairman of the Executive Board of “Tamiz Shahar” JSC


BN Ingenieure GmbH

Since April 2015, ACE is an associate company to BN Ingenieure GmbH for the Asian Development Bank project TA 8670 ‘Solid Waste Management for intermediary Cities’ in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Region and the Lower Caucasus Economic Zone of Azerbaijan.

For our team of eighteen experts of different expertise, ACE provided eight local experts to add local knowledge and expertise on the technical, institutional, legal and financial part of the project. Further ACE manages the administrative and logistical support for the project team at the different regions of assignment in the country. ACE maintains good relationships to the several government agencies and easily creates good contacts to project related bodies within the project regions, which is a big asset to the project.

The careful and task oriented selection of local expertise as conducted by ACE provided the team with exactly the right personalities and knowledge as needed for the project.   

In conclusion, we would highly recommend ACE as a strong and reliable partner. Its performance shown during the project implementation indicates that ACE would be a positive addition to any team or company handling similar projects.

Holger H. Holst
Managing Director
BN Ingenieure GmbH